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Vuse Pods Canada - by Vuse Canada

Vuse is the biggest vape brand not only in Canada, but the world. Made by Vuse Canada (formerly known as Vype), Vuse vape pods were specifically designed for smokers who want to transition over to a less harmful alternative of tobacco. Vuse Pods Canada offer over 35 flavours in 2 x 1.9ml pre-filled pods per package and offer a throat hit similar to that of a cigarette (probably the best hit out of any closed pod system). Some flavors offer 0mg, 12mg, and 18mg of salt nicotine. Each Vuse vape pod contains a ceramic coil instead of mesh, allowing for a smooth, yet powerful hit. 

If you are someone who is looking to make a transition from cigarettes over to vaping, then Vuse is the way to go. Vuse offers a vaping experience like no other brand!

Vuse Pods are only compatible with the Vuse ePod device (Vuse ePod 2 or ePod2+). 

Disposables by Vuse are also available here:


  • Up to 900 puffs per pod
  • Magnetic fitted pods 
  • No crackling when drawn 
  • Draw activated 


  • 1.9ml of e-liquid per pod
  • 0mg free base, 12mg or 20mg of salt nic 
  • Made by Imperial Tobacco Canada (Vuse / Vype)


  • 2 x Vuse pods


  • Apple Sour: Tart green apples with a hint of sourness for a crisp and tangy flavor.
  • Banana Ice: Ripe bananas blended with icy menthol for a refreshing tropical chill.
  • Berry: A medley of assorted berries, combining sweet and tart notes for a berrylicious vape.
  • Berry Watermelon: Juicy watermelon paired with a mix of sweet berries for a refreshing and fruity fusion.
  • Blood Orange: Intensely flavored blood orange, offering a citrusy and slightly tart taste.
  • Blue Raspberry: Sweet and tangy blue raspberry flavor that tingles your taste buds.
  • Blueberry: Bursting blueberry flavor, capturing the essence of freshly picked berries.
  • Blueberry Ice: Blueberry goodness infused with a cooling menthol kick for a refreshing experience.
  • Clear: A neutral and unflavored e-liquid, providing a pure vaping base.
  • Creamy Peach: Smooth and creamy peach flavor, delivering a velvety and indulgent vape.
  • Cucumber: Crisp cucumber taste, offering a refreshing and light vaping experience.
  • Fresh Spearmint: Invigorating spearmint freshness, perfect for mint enthusiasts seeking a cool vape.
  • Golden Tobacco: Rich and robust tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness for a classic taste.
  • Grape Ice: Juicy grapes combined with a blast of menthol to create a grapey frost.
  • Ice Mix (2pk): A blend of different menthol flavors, offering a variety of cooling sensations.
  • Iced Mango: Ripe mangoes with an icy menthol twist, providing a tropical and refreshing vape.
  • Lemon Berry: Zesty lemon paired with a mix of sweet berries for a citrusy and fruity delight.
  • Mango: Sweet and succulent mango flavor, capturing the essence of ripe tropical mangoes.
  • Mango Ice: Mango goodness blended with menthol for a refreshing tropical chill.
  • Mint Ice: Fresh minty flavor with a cooling menthol sensation for a brisk and icy vape.
  • Passionfruit: Tropical passionfruit flavor with a tangy and exotic twist.
  • Peach: Sweet and juicy peach flavor that's incredibly satisfying.
  • Polar Mint: Intense minty freshness with an arctic blast of menthol for an icy vaping experience.
  • Rich Mix: A complex blend of tobacco flavors, offering a rich and multifaceted vaping experience.
  • Smooth Mint: Smooth and refreshing mint flavor without overwhelming menthol intensity.
  • Smooth Tobacco: Mellow and smooth tobacco flavor for a satisfying and familiar taste.
  • Strawberry: Ripe and sweet strawberry flavor that's simply irresistible.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: Perfect harmony of ripe strawberries and tart kiwi for a balanced taste.
  • Vanilla: Creamy and sweet vanilla flavor, providing a smooth and comforting vape.
  • Velvety Tobacco Mix: A refined blend of velvety tobacco flavors, delivering a smooth and satisfying experience.
  • Watermelon: Juicy watermelon flavor, capturing the refreshing essence of ripe watermelons.
  • Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon with a cooling menthol finish for a refreshing and frosty vape.


How many puffs are in each Vuse pod? 

There are roughly 250 puffs in each pod. This is an estimate based on the 1.9ml of e-liquid capacity. 

Can I use the Vuse pods with a Stlth device? 

No, you can only use these pods with a Vuse ePod or ePod2+ device. 

How do I know if my pod is running low on vape juice? 

To see how much e-liquid you have left, simply remove the pod from the device and take a look. The pod is completely see-through, allowing you to see levels. 

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