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Vuse Go XL Disposable Vape - 1500 Puffs, 4.8ml, by Vuse Canada

Introducing a disposable by Vuse Canada - Vuse Go XL 1500 Disposable Vape. This vape features 4.8ml e-liquid capacity and is non-rechargeable, making it completely hassle free. The Go XL offers up to 1500 puffs and also comes in a sleek, premium, aluminum chassis. Convenience is something that this Vuse disposable vape is known for. It is completely puff activated, sleek and no maintenance required. 

There are over 20 exciting and sweet flavours to choose from! Get yours today at!

If you like the Vuse GO XL but want more puffs, try the Vuse Go 5000 (5000 puffs)

Vuse is also available in a pod system - Vuse ePod 2+.


  • Up to 1500 puffs
  • Draw activated
  • Premium aluminum chassis 
  • Sleek and compact


  • 20mg of salt nic 
  • 4.8ml e-liquid capacity 
  • 800mAh non-rechargeable battery 
  • Made by Vuse (Vype) Canada


  • Apple Sour: A tangy twist on the classic apple flavor.
  • Banana Ice: Refreshing and icy banana goodness.
  • Berry Blend: A delightful fusion of various juicy berries.
  • Berry Watermelon: A perfect combination of sweet berries and refreshing watermelon.
  • Blue Raspberry: A vibrant and sweet raspberry with a blueberry twist.
  • Blueberry: Juicy and plump blueberry goodness.
  • Blueberry Ice: A cool and icy rendition of the classic blueberry flavor.
  • Creamy Peach: Smooth and luscious peach with a creamy touch.
  • Creamy Tobacco: A rich and creamy take on the traditional tobacco flavor.
  • Dark Cherry: Deep and intense cherry flavor.
  • Grape Ice: Sweet and icy grape indulgence.
  • Lemon Berry: A zesty blend of lemon and berries.
  • Mango Ice: Exotic mango flavor with a cooling icy sensation.
  • Mint Ice: Refreshing mint flavor with a chilly twist.
  • Passionfruit Ice: Exhilarating passionfruit flavor with a cooling effect.
  • Sparkling Berry: Fizzy and effervescent berry delight.
  • Spearmint Ice: Cool and minty spearmint with an icy kick.
  • Strawberry Ice: Sweet and juicy strawberry flavor with a refreshing icy touch.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: The perfect balance of luscious strawberries and tangy kiwi.
  • Tropical Coco Blend: A tropical fusion of coconut and various exotic fruits.
  • Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon flavor with a refreshing icy finish.


What is the difference between the Vuse Go XL and the Go Edition 5000 disposable vape? 

There are 3 main differences between the two Vuse vapes: 

  • Puff count - 1500 vs 5000 puffs 
  • Design - pen vs box style and see-through liquid tank
  • Battery - non-rechargeable vs rechargeable 

How long does the Vuse Go XL last? 

This disposable by Vuse offers somewhere around 1500 puffs. Number of days vary from use to user because of the differences in vaping patters. 

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