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Geek Bar Meloso Max Disposable Vape - 9000 Puffs, 14ml, Dual Coil, Rechargeable

Introducing the newest Geek Bar product on the market today - Geek Bar Meloso Max Disposable Vape. It features an incredible amount of 9000 puffs supported by Geek Vape's latest dual mesh coil system, making your vaping experience smooth, consistent and super flavorful.

The Geek Bar Meloso Max 9000 disposable also comes with an smart LED display light indicator for e-liquid and battery and an adjustable airflow. With these two features, you can customize how your draw (restrictive or open), and you never have to wonder if you are low on battery or vape juice. This disposable vape is pre-filled with 14ml of e-liquid capacity and comes with a 600mAh USB Type-C rechargeable battery, guaranteeing a long-lasting vape. 

With 10 premium flavors to chose from, check out the Meloso Max at an unbeatable price at!

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  • Up to 9000 puffs
  • Dual Mesh Coil (VPU Technology)
  • E-liquid and battery indicators
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Comfortable grip
  • Metallic finish


  • 20mg of salt nicotine 
  • 14ml e-liquid capacity 
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery (USB Type-C)


  • Blueberry Ice: A refreshing blend of sweet blueberries and cool menthol.
  • Blue Razz Ice: A chilling combination of blue raspberry and icy menthol.
  • Peach Berry: A delightful fusion of juicy peaches and mixed berries.
  • Strawberry Banana: A luscious pairing of ripe strawberries and creamy bananas.
  • Green Mster (Monster): An electrifying mix of monstery energy drink.
  • Peach Ice: Juicy peaches with a frosty menthol twist.
  • Sour Apple Ice: Sour green apples infused with an icy blast.
  • Strawberry Mango Ice: Ripe strawberries and tropical mangoes blended with cooling menthol.
  • Tropical Blast (Rainbow): A vibrant explosion of tropical fruit flavors.
  • Watermelon Ice: Refreshing watermelon flavor with a cool menthol finish.


How do I adjust the airflow on the Geek Bar Meloso Max?

There is a switch at the bottom of the device that moves from one side to another. By moving it, you make the airflow either more restrictive or open. Try which way works better for you! 

How long does the Geek Bar 9000 vape last? 

It all depends on how much you use it. The Meloso Max has a total of 9000 puffs that is supported with the generous 14ml of e-liquid capacity, a powerful rechargeable battery and dual mesh technology coil. This makes this device one of the longest lasting disposable vapes out there. 

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